Hi, I’m Elizabeth! Otherwise known as Beth by every single person I meet. I’m here to share my knowledge about cheap, simple, living. I am here to simplify your life. Every week I will post a new blogs with much information I can squeeze in.

I am a wife (obviously), and a soon to be mom of a little girl. I know life is not better homes magazine perfect, I embrace and understand that. I will share with you how easy it is to get it together and simplify your home, routine, and many other systems that have worked for me to make it easier on you.

Join and follow me and finding creative ways and using what you have to make your home and life actually organized! REALISTICALLY.

Growing up in a small poor town in Oklahoma, I have evolved to frugal living.  Being a penny pinchin’, “get what you get, don’t throw a fit” type of girl  brought the creativity out in me. I graduated, and got married young and found all kinds of new systems and ways to make my life clean and organized while looking like I did it expensively.

This being said, it makes me shop more thoughtfully. Stretching that dollar means I can have more fun and have more to work with! Buy second hand, eat healthy/plan out your meals weekly or biweekly, have a set budget for everything, I find systems that actually work and never give up until I do find one that works. Thrift stores? Yas. Dollar tree?? I literally can’t live without (that is another story to tell).

Follow me to find new systems and learn with me on this journey.