The First Years Breastflow Bottles™ Review|Demo & And Breakdown

No this is not sponsored. I’m a real mom with a real honest opinion. Though… The First Years…if you wanna hook a girl up 👌🏻 I’m down. 

I received The First Years™ nonlanolin nipple cream at my baby shower. I decided to look up that brand and found they had many neat things. They are so affordable for me and they have great quality things. They have cups, plates, binkis, co sleeper, monitor, bath essentials, bottle warmer, breastfeeding items; 3 different pumps, nonlanolin, storage bags& bag organizer. They have so many affordable things. I love the quality.

But today I’m here to talk about their Breastflow Bottles. Since the day my baby was born I have been pumping. In the hospital I was able to use there hospital grade pump (boy that spoiled me.) They sent me home with a medela hand pump. I used that for basically 7 weeks plus some days. I had been fighting to get a dual or even a single electric pump. I asked my insurance company, I asked the Arkansas WIC office because they give out a $200 pump to breastfeeding mommies. But my little one had been struggling to get her weight up and had to be a specific formula diet. WIC couldn’t give formula and breast pump. That’s another story to tell.

One Friday I needed to go shopping and pretty much I go to one specific Walmart. So I decided to go the different Walmart across town. Usually I walk around the breastfeeding section and look at pumps and wish upon a star. But I walked around the breastfeeding sections at the other Walmart and seen at the very bottom behind a hanging product thing there was a pump made by The First Years™ I was so excited! It was only $60.00!!!! FOR A DUAL. I’m not going too much into detail. Saving that for another blog.

Two 5 oz Breastflow Bottles come with the breastpump I bought. I decided to try the bottle. I tell you it was THE BEST. I absolutely LOVED the bottle. I loved the way felt. Aria felt as if she was nursing on me like she used to. The bottles are very easy to clean as well. They don’t have as many parts as Dr B bottles either, which it a plus.

One thing I noticed is she got more fussy and mad at it as she was eating because she’s so used to the Dr. Browns™ natural flow bottles and the tommee tippiee™ bottles. She’s used to the fast flow and just letting it fall into her mouth like a lazy eater. So I might have to completely stop the regular bottle nipple and switch fully to tommie tippie ones to slowly introduce the Breastflow Bottles and use just that.

Pretty much like training her to breastfeed again which makes me feel more like I’m bonding with her than just a normal Dr B bottle. That’s one thing I love about the Breastflow Bottles. It’s legitimately like a breast.

Breaking down the bottle here: 

The nipple as two separate pieces:

Compression: the inner part of the nipple is what makes these bottles have the compression feature.

Suction: like a typical bottle the putter part makes the nipple have suction.

Putting the nipple together it creates the unique not your ordinary nipple. Just like the breast the baby has to suck and make compression to get the milk out from the bottle. Genius right?? These are the only bottles that have that unique feature. Which is what makes them well “breastflow bottles.”  They come in 2 different sizes: 5oz and 9 oz bottles. They have slow flow nipple and medium flow nipple.

The first best feature; When your baby is done eating and there’s milk in the nipple still. Simply compress the nipple (not the tip) and it will pour directly back into the bottle and simply place the cap on and store. So practical!

The second best feature; CAPS?! 🙄 how many do you loose….all of them..? The cap for these awesomesauce bottles simple click to the bottom… no more lost caps!!!

The claims: Like most bottles on the market, they claim to help reduce colic symptoms, gas, and spit up. So far, this is very true to its claims. Using the bottles I noticed she has less gas, and doesn’t need to burp as much as Dr. B bottles or the tommee tippee bottles.

Now…like has some cons about it. Not the bottle itself, but the size, and issues with baby latching. For one this bottle is it’s own size. You can’t hook it up to a medela, or an evenflo. And it doesn’t have an adapter. You have to use The First Years Pump. The second thing…it’s not that easy to switch from regular nipple to these. It has noting to do with what The First Years did. It’s just when you want to bottle feed and breastfeed.  Start with these bottles and only these. Don’t go back and forth. If you just like this brand, try their gumdrop bottles. One other thing here, there isn’t 1 oz marking technically. So when I pump into the bottle and only pump and oz I have to guess pretty much.


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