16 Newborn Must Haves| Mommy Essentials|Bath Products, Best Bottles, Diapering Products,and More! 

By a few days after my daughter was born I realized a lot of the things I had I didn’t use hardly. I found myself at the store once a week buying things I needed or liked better than the other stuff I had. I learned you can never really be prepared.

I’ve learned several things this time around. Which prepares me for the next. I myself decided you don’t really need a ton of clothes in the beginning. You’ll end up buying more just because the baby is actually here now and you can physically see them and their size.

There’s several other things I swear by and love as well staring with newborn items: 

  1. Gripe water: I honestly hear this is magic juice but I didn’t expect or should I say know I’d need it right if the starting line. This helps with so many things. It makes hiccups go away instantly. I have used three different brands of gripe water. I personally love the Little Remedies Gripe Water. You can get this at walmart, at target, amazon, walgreens,CVS, practically anywhere.
  2. Receiving blankets: I’ve mentioned these many times here on my blog, but seriously. Forget the burp cloths, forget the cool contoured ones. Just buy several receiving blankets. There are so many uses. Spit up and swaddling, are my two ways to use them.
  3. Muslin swaddles: These. These are thebombdotcom. Just like receiving blankets, they have multiple uses. They are breathable but they are warm. These are awesome to use instead of using thick blankets to keep them warm.
  4. Diaper rash cream:  Now, depending on if you are cloth diapering or not. The best diaper rash cream for disposables needs to be thick. The thicker the better. So, destin diaper rash cream is out of the question. A lot of moms say Boudreaux Butt Paste is the best. I use the diaper rash cream found at my local dollar tree. It’s compared to Boudreaux Butt paste.
  5. Baby oil (gel): A few weeks after baby girl was born me and my husband I found ourselves looking at baby oil. Babies skin peels and gets dry. I found baby oil works best for flaky dry skin. Lotions not so much. The baby oil gel is my ultimate favorite.
  6. Lots of onsie sleepers (zip ups): this is the best pieces of clothing you could have in the babies wardrobe. They can wear them everywhere and they are so much easier for changing diapers. The button ones are okay, they just take more time to change a diaper.
  7. Aquaphor baby: I love this stuff. It’s the best barrier stuff out there. I go back and forth between this and my diaper rash cream. It is expensive it goes a long way. We bought a huge jar of it in 2015 for my husband. He barley touched it so I started using it on my little princess and I barely have got into the jar 2 months later.
  8. A carrier, wrap, or sling:  I’m not going to suggest any. But whatever your preference may be. I suggest one. They can be convenient at many times. Like when little one is fussy and wants to be held but you have things to do. Carry them around!
  9. Bottles: Whether your breastfeeding or formula feeding. It’s best to have them!
  10. (!!!!brestfeeding mommies) Formula: You’re probably thinking, but I’m exclusively breastfeeding? Trust me. At least have a cheap can of it around, for back up. Whether it be up and up brand or parents choice…I suggest gentle formula or sensitivity.
  11. A good dual breast pump: Depending on if you breastfeed. Just in case you want to go out and have a pedicure and leave baby with Dad. Or you want a break and you just decide to pump so Dad can bottle feed at night…. a dual breast pump cuts time in half. No one has time to pump each breast for 20 minutes each.
  12. Breast milk storage bags: Depending on if you are breastfeeding or not. It’s a good idea to keep these around. Pumping and storing is a very good idea. One, so you can have a break and two, for extra milk supply.
  13. Washable nursing pads: depending on of you breast feed. I went through 2 boxes of disposable nursing pads in less than 2 months. They get used so quickly. I decided to pay the amount for one box of disposables for a pack of 6 nursing pads. I tell you now they are so much more absorbing you can get away with not changing them for longer periods of time. Besides you’re doing laundry every two days anyway. I suggest to invest in washable nursing pads. Just buy a pack of 6 every time you get paid or so. You’ll build up on them.
  14. Formula dispenser: I’ve had to supplement feed my little one since she was 3 weeks old. Probably never going to stop supplementing. So I definitely suggest in buying one. I just have a couple parents choice ones from Walmart. They are very inexpensive there. But there is different ones. Some that are a lot better quality, some have more slots so they hold more, different sizes, etc. Here’s a few from amazon:  Nuby formula dispenser Dearya formula dispenserSOLOKA formula dispenser Dr. Brown’s formula dispenser
  15. At least One baby gear item: I personally only own one baby gear item. It’s the Baby Papasan by Fisher Price. I believe it’s a discountinued item but I person love it.
  16. Binki: depending on if you choose. I don’t know how many times the binki has saved us!! At first we used the soothie kind..but one day I forgot it at home and I was 45 minutes away. She was screaming for it so I ran to dollar tree and bought one of the basic ones and she’s been hooked to that nipple shape since.

A small disclaimer here, not everyone is the same, some people have different preferences. Some babies are different. It all depends on what you like and want. 



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