Zone Cleaning Series: 1. All About Zone Cleaning|What, Why, How?

Do you ever just have a complete melt down because you’re so overwhelmed with all the cleaning on your list and your home being a complete wreck? Or you just clean when you can/have a dedicated day and it takes hours upon hours to “finish.” When I say finish I mean you basically just give up for a number of reasons. Like the biggest one is that sweaty achey bod. You should try zone cleaning.

When I was a kid, I’d watch my mom or even my friends parents spend all day on a Saturday just cleaning and cleaning. At the end of the day everyone is grouchy, hurting, tired and all of the above. By the next week it’s a disaster again. All that work went down the drain.

Now that I’m older, and have my own space. I’ve learned different methods to upkeep my home. Although, realistically I don’t always stay on schedule, I put it off sometimes. Most of the time.  I don’t always sweep everyday, or fold the load of laundry rotting away in the corner of the room. But in the end,  I always catch up on it.  So in this blog, I’m going to explain to what why and give some examples on how to do it. I won’t be able to go in depth about it so I’m opening up a series on Zone Cleaning, I’ll go in depth in each specific room and what I do!!
What is Zone Cleaning?

In definition, it’s the break down of areas throughout your house. You’re dedicated to one space on your home per week.  If that scares you don’t let it, it’s not an over complicated, overwhelming system. For example:

Zone 1 – Foyer, Dining Room, Front Porch

Zone 2 – Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry Room

Zone 3 – Upstairs Bathrooms, Kids Bedrooms, Guest Room, Home Office

Zone 4 – Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Basement

Zone 5 – Living Room, Family Room

It’s simply working in your specific zone that week, detail cleaning. Each zone is technically 1 week of work. Everyday you do things in that zone until the next week then you go to the next zone.

Why should I Zone clean?

When you are not living in chaos you tend to have more time to minister to your family and to others outside your family. After the essential spring cleaning then beginning to work in your zone you’ll actually feel clean, put together, and less stressed. It will make cleaning a lot easier. A clean home is overall good for the mental health. So why not make it easier to keep your home clean?

Possible zone areas: 

Now that you have a general idea in Zone Cleaning, you need to decide on what areas you want to make your zones. Not every home is the same, they come in different shapes, sizes, lengths, etc. Some people have 500 sq. ft. home, some have homes with 3 bathrooms. You know your home and your schedule, how long it takes to clean the one room. So keep in mind.

You need to create 5 zones or so. Here are some rooms that could be potentially one of your zones:

  • Master bedroom

  • Kids bedrooms

  • Guest bedroom

  • Master bathroom

  • Kids bathrooms

  • Guest bathroom

  • Home office

  • Living room

  • Family room

  • Dining Room

  • Kitchen

  • Pantry

  • Laundry room

  • Exercise room

  • Garage

  • Attic

  • Basement

  • Foyer

  • Porch

What to do in a zone for a week?

Like I metioned before it’s detailed cleaning. So just say I picked zone 2 (from above) Monday I would start my zone.

  • Monday: I would declutter and organize all the spaces metioned.

  • Tuesday: I would dust and wipe down the crevices in all areas (shelves, baseboards, corners, ceilings, on top of the refrigerator, in the pantry, kitchen, and laundry room.)

  • Wednesday: deep clean the refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and microwave.

  • Thursday: deep clean the washer and dryer.

  • Friday: sweep and mop all the floors.

Keep in mind all you have to do is take 30 minutes of your day to do these things. If you upkeep on the areas it won’t take that long to clean. This is just quick examples of what I would do. You can choose whatever you would like to do in the zones.

At the end of the week you’ll be so very thankful for a clean zone! If you want to read more about zones keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the Zone Cleaning series or follow to keep up and receive notifications.


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