What I Actually Used From Our Hospital Bags|Mine and Baby’s

IMG_0409Discloser: Some of these things I packed and didn’t use was because the hospital provided them or I never reached for it. If you feel the need to bring any of the items I didn’t use, you do you boo. If you don’t feel the need to bring something I used, then you do you. I’m not writing this to tell you what to do and bring. I’m just sharing my experience and sharing my knowledge.  
My LO was born on March 19th, 2017 at 11:00 A.M. She was 19 inches long and weighed 5 lbs and 15 oz. She was in fact tiny tiny!! I had a some what feeling she was going to be tiny. Knowing she was going to be on the smaller side and listening to everyone else that has had a baby, I decided to pack not just NB stuff ..but preemie too. As for me, I knew I was having a c-section, which meant pain..so I brought comfy clothes to go home in and to lay around in…Let me just say I seriously over packed mine…..fearing that I didn’t bring the proper stuff..I did the opposite.


The Baby’s Bag..

As I packed her bag over and over again continuously taking things out and putting things in…making my head spin and my stress level rise (and yes the bag changed many times since the What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag? post), “Do I need this?” “Why do I even need this?” “Is that everything?” “How many should I bring” “What else am I missing” “Let me look through it one more time”…:

  • 1 new born sleeper
  • 1 preemie sleeper
  • 1 new born going home outfit
  • 1 preemie going home outfit
  • 2 premiee diapers
  • Binki
  • Blanket
  • 1 muslin swaddle
  • 1 pair of preemie socks
  • 1 pair of new born socks
  • 2 receiving blanket
  • Cute going home hat
  • Carseat

The sleeper situation: Now looking back..I realized that I used just about everything in her bag. When she was first brought to me (6 hours after she was born) they had her dressed in some weird white button up shirt and in a newborn diaper. She was also wrapped in an ugly blanket. The next morning I decided to just put her in a sleeper. My husband grabbed the newborn sleeper I packed for her and put it on her. It swallowed her whole!!! I shook my head and said “No!! She’ll get lost in all the fabric! Get the preemie one!”

Let’s just say, she stayed in the preemie sleeper for practically the whole 2 days!

The diaper situation: Like I mentioned, they had her in new born sized diapers. My husband changed her diaper the rest of the night but the next day, I changed one for the first time. The second one I changed I asked my husband to get her a preemie diaper from the bag just to try it out. It literally fit her perfectly. I used all of the preemie diapers and brought. The hospital only put newborn size diapers in her bassinet, so I asked them to bring preemie diapers to us. They gave us a whole pack!

So, I recommend bringing a couple preemie diapers. If the baby fits it I recommend to have 2 packs of preemie diapers for home.

Swaddling up: Like I said in the beginning, they had these hideous blankets they used to swaddle babies up. Luckily I brought a muslin swaddle. I originally brought them for pictures with the family… but that went not as planned. Either way, having that swaddle was nice for pictures between me and my husband. We swaddled her up in it. She was warm and cozy.

The only issue I had was every time the nurses came in, they took it off her and kept putting the ugly one back on. UGH, that was annoying!!! I understand using the heavier ugly ones they provide, if she was still in just a diaper and the weird jacket shirt button thing. But she was in a sleeper!?

My messy eater: Besides the pumping and making a giant colostrum mess doing that, I also have the most messy eater. With not just those weird rubber nipple bottles they gave me, but with the boob too. TMI, but I reached for the receiving blanket(s) every time my colostrum was extracted in some way.

Going home: When I was about 4 months pregnant after I found out I was having a little girl, I went to carters and bought a new born sized outfit (the floral dress onesie mentioned in my What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag? post) to bring her home in. Yeah…it didn’t exactly fit little missy. Neither did the fuzzy socks, or the headband, or anything else so luckily a few days before we had her, we bought the preemie sleeper and a preemie outfit. So she ended up going home in that cute little outfit with a hat I bought from a website called Wish. The outfit I got from our local Walmart.IMG_0143.JPG

What I shouldn’t have brought for baby:

Zoey the Zebra Binki: I really shouldn’t have brought the binki, she didn’t take the binki at first. It took her a few days to take it. Though in a way if she would have took the binki, i would have been glad I brought it. The hospital didn’t provide binki’s the honestly were anti-binki.

The fuzzy blanket: The blanket took the majority of room in the diaper bag. Literally.. We didn’t really use it.. I used it for a moment… but really ended up reaching for the muslin swaddle. We took her home in the swaddle as well. So, there was no need to really bring the blanket.

The new born stuff: Now, I just knew my baby would have been tiny.. I just had a feeling she wouldn’t really fit new born stuff. Just looking at the clothes I had.. The lesson I learned was trust your own instincs and don’t listen to rude people calling you huge and that you’re going to have a big baby. (Some people even asked if I was having twins) I even put back the newborn sized diapers I was going to bring. So… the socks, the sleeper, the headband, and the going home outfit.

The Mommy’s Bag..

I packed everything I thought I would need… and a little more:

  • nursing bra
  • nursing tank top
  • button shirt
  • loose tee
  • maternity leggings
  • undies
  • pads
  • makeup
  • swaddle for nursing cover
  • nursing pads
  • nipple cream
  • socks
  • pj shorts
  • hygiene materials
  • chapstick
  • Laptop

I literally over packed.



What I actually used(shortest list ever): 

Nursing pads: One thing I wish I had more of during my stay. My milk didn’t necessarily come in, but my colostrum got thinner and had more of pretty quickly.

The swaddle: I used this not for a nursing cover like I anticipated but for Aria (my LO).

Maternity leggings, loose tee, and makeup: All in which I used the day we went home. The makeup I anticipated on using to take pictures when family came in but I was so drowsy and drugged up from the c-section I didn’t even think about it.

My personal pillows: In the hospital…I wanted all the pillows. I was in pain and staying in one spot barely being able to move hurt.

Hygiene items: I used my own products when I showered. The hospital did in fact provide a travel sized items for showering, like 2 in 1 shampoo/ body wash, conditioner, lotion, handsanitizer, and chapstick. In which it was all one brand that came in a slick nice box. I just threw it in my bag and never really used it until I got home.

Chapstick: I swear I almost used all my chapstick. Between the breastfeeding and the dry air in the hospital, I put chapstick on every hour.

Phone charger: Well, obviously.

What I didn’t use and why:

When they say, don’t bring anything for yourself except to go home in, they meant it. I brought socks and pads and undies thinking that I’ll need them…

The pads and undies: I ended up using the undies and socks and the pads provided… the pads where a life saver I went through almost three packs. the first pack they give are huge and really thick (thank goodness) the second ones are smaller and a tad thinner. Either way… seriously…use what they provide.

The Gown(the hospital one):  you’re thinking on buying a special gown for labor…don’t waste the money…seriously..(maybe for pictures and right after labor, but still yet) I literally just wore undies and a blanket. I was nursing, I was in pain, the gown got twisted and rode up my back, it got in the way!!!! I HATED IT. I just took it off.. and kept it off.. When people came in I just covered up.

The nipple cream: I didn’t use my nipple cream for a couple reasons. One being the hospital did provide it. Two, I used a nipple shield. Using a nipple shield kinda shields the nipples and prevents them from being cracked and chapped (from my experience anyway.)

Nursing tank top and nursing bra: I didn’t wear much during the stay.. I find it easier to lift my shirt up to nurse. and the nursing bra…it’s almost pointless in my opinion. Breast get smaller and larger throughout the day, which makes the bra tighter and looser.. it’s just a mess. I prefer a sports bra that’s easy to lift up.

Button shirt: I never even touched it. I figured I would bring it thinking I could wear it during the stay thinking it would be easier to nurse on the way home. I was wrong, buttons suck, they take too long to unbutton just to feed a hungry, squirmy, fussy baby.

Laptop: I decided to bring my laptop thinking that I would have time to blog in the hospital or watch netflix…I was wrong I slept as much as I could, or I was tending to baby…


If I were to pack my bags all over again:

When it comes to the thought of repacking my bags, the first thing that comes my mind to do is taking the hospital tour they offered and writing what they tell me they provide down. If I were to have go through with my plan to take the tour, it would have made packing a lot easier.

Mommy’s bag:

  1. 2 personal fluffy pillows for each my husband and I.
  2. My own blanket.
  3. Makeup for going home.
  4. Going home clothes. (Comfy loose clothes)
  5. Separate camera with SD Card other than my phone.
  6. Charger
  7. 4-5 pairs of nursing pads.
  8. Sports bra
  9. 4 sticks of chapstick. ( I misplaced mine so many times!)
  10. My own towels!
  11. My own sleeping arrangement for baby(c section based): The bassinets they provided me were nice but I would have preferred something more manageable(I think that’s the word). When the baby cried at night wanting to eat, I couldn’t reach her. No matter how high I lifted the bed I could bend and twist enough without being in a ton of pain to get her. That and every time I fell sleep the nurses would roll her to the foot of my bed to check her temp?! I would have to call my husband or throw something at him to wake him up every hour or so throughout the night to get the baby then do the same to put the baby back.

Baby’s bag:

  1. Nursing pillow.
  2. 2 preemie sleepers.
  3. 1 preemie going home outfit.
  4. 4 or 5 preemie diapers (if the hospital doesn’t provide that size diapers I would bring a whole pack to the hospital)
  5. 1 newborn sleeper(that’s it!)
  6. 2 muslin swaddles.
  7. 2 receiving blankets.
  8. Carseat


Thank you for reading! I hope you got some idea’s and maybe helped you pack for the big day! Read my last blog here -> What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag?

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