What’s In My Baby’s Hospital Bag?


WELL, It’s that time to pack the hospital bags for the newcomer. I might have over packed…. Maybe? Or didn’t pack enough? I still feel like I am missing something though, but who doesn’t. Considering the hospital provides most of the things.. My situation is a bit different. I am scheduled to have a c-section a couple hours away from where I’m living. D: SO, the drive home after being released is going to be interesting! I packed things that I think I might need on the way home addition to what I wanted to bring for the hospital.

First thing i am going to talk about before I start, is My O’beanie diaper bag I order this online because I realized that I couldn’t find a diaper bag that fit my wants. They all just looked the same as they looked in 2006, they were ugly, had no practical use, too big, too small, or overpriced was a big one. SO I ordered this online you can get the diaper bag on amazon. The thing about the diaper bag I have is it looks like a back pack, but isn’t necessarily a back pack..



I’m bringing a fuzzy blanket for the ride home. It’s a homemade blanket I received for Christmas from my mother-in-law. When I first seen the blanket, I didn’t really realize it was homemade! It is super soft in fluffy. It actually  takes up a lot of the room in the diaper bag. I don’t really plan to always throw a thick baby blanket in my diaper bag every time I go somewhere so it taking up a lot of room right now is not a big deal. image1

Now this is unnecessary, but I’m bringing one of my muslin swaddles I talked about in my DIY: Mommy/baby grab basket blog. I am bringing this to cover her up while in the hospital or when my friends and family are holding her. The reason being is because generally the blanket the hospital gives you is like ugly and looks like it’s from 1999. I want the pictures with baby girl and family/friends to look cute and unique.image2

The next thing in my bag is receiving blankets. It’s not really necessary but I packed in just in case, they have many uses. It’s better safe than sorry. Plus, I have quite the trip home. image9

I packed a couple sleeper type outfits for the hospital. One of the sleepers I packed is claimed to be premiee just in case she is small she has something she can fit. The other sleeper I packed is just a gown. Both have mittens built into them so that saves me the trouble of bringing more than one pair of mittens. image3

I’m bringing 2 pairs of fuzzy socks(I’m in love with these socks!!! I think I’m going to go buy more because I just know I am going to reach for the fuzzy socks more than the other socks I have for her) and a pair of mittens for on the way home. image1-1

I am bringing her Zoey the Zebra pacifier. It’s like a wubbanub but has for functionality than a wubbanub in my opinion. With this it can grow with her and I can actually change the pacifier out or attach a teether. It has many other claims than the wubbanub, it does the same thing plus some. They have different animals online Yes, bring my own pacifier is unnecessary thing to bring because the hospital will provide everything necessary for the baby but I just want to get her used to the one I have. Dr.Brown’s Lovey pacifier holder image7

Disclaimer: Yes, I am choosing to give my baby the pacifier when she is born, keeps negative comments to yourself. 

This is an unnecessary thing as well, but from what I hear the brand of diapers the hospital is giving me hasn’t really been 5 star rating to everyone I talk to so, I am bringing 2 diapers that is a different brand of diapers than the brand the hospital gives out. image8

Two different sized going home outfits. I picked two different sized outfits just in case she can’t fit newborn size. The floral dress is the original going home outfit. I bought it a few weeks after I found out she was a girl. Both outfits came from Carter’s (The actual store). I got the dress on clearance. Carter’s|Floral Dress


I just want put it out there that I do know the hospital provides everything for baby but the going home clothes and carseat. I am just particular and it is my choice to bring the unnecessary things and use my things other than the hospital’s things they provide. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog! I try and  post every week so keep your eyes peeled for the next blog!!! Follow down below to keep up on my posts! 








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