DIY: Nightly Mom&Newborn Survival Kit(For Baby and Breastfeeding Mommy)


I decided to put this kit together because I know that after my c-section I’m going to be caring for my baby on my bed the majority of the time. So, I went ahead and put together the kit. I haven’t completely finished it because I am missing a few things but I’ll go ahead and mention it in the blog.

Even though you may not or may not have had a c-section, it’s nice to have a kit on your bedside. Just to have some items in reach. This basket is built to my wants and needs. You may not want something I have in there or you may want other things I do not have in my basket. You build your basket to your wants. This will hopefully give you some ideas on what to put in your basket.

I’ll link things in the blog if you see something you want or like in kit! 


1. A Basket

A basket is a given. There is many different kinds of baskets out there to choose from, like wicker baskets with fabric liner, a plastic on like the one I have shown above, a wire basket, even an all fabric one. There is endless possibilitie, it’s all about preference here.

The basket I have, I received from my baby shower. When I first saw it I thought it would be far too big. But I was wrong! I made it work though!! I love the gray color on this basket and the pattern on the basket. You can get it at your local Target or here:

Plastic Y Woven Basket


2. A Row of Diapers.

Obviously diapers are going to be a must have in the basket. As you can see here, I have two different brands. When I first started thinking about how I am going to diaper the baby, I thought how I want to try different brands at first and see which ones I like, also I thought it was a good idea to have different brands just in case the baby is allergic to a specific brand. So I went ahead an put two different brands in my kit. I put a whole row of diapers because realistically, a baby will need more than a few a day. Having a whole row gives plenty to have around. I see on others blogs and videos, they put 5 in there basket and it makes no sense to me as to why so little!

*Just another option, you can get a smaller basket just to stuff diapers in that instead of using most of the room in the main basket.


3. A Packet of wipes.

With diapers comes wipes. I was debating on put two packets of wipes in there but that is a bit over board and takes up lots of room. Just like the diapers, I have different brands of wipes, I’m just going to try them out at first and see which ones I like and what baby girls skin likes.


4. A Couple of Functional Sleepers.

I have a couple different types of sleepers in there. Both very functional for diaper changes and keeping baby cozy. On both of the sleepers they have to built in mittens so baby doesn’t scratch their little faces up. One of the sleepers has buttons and is pod like, and the other is an easy pull up gown. Both of them have more than one purpose which I love that about them. I am putting sleepers in there just for blow outs and any other issues that may arise through out the day.


5. A Pair of Socks.

Socks is a big deal when it comes to baby. So I put a pair of soft fuzzy socks just in case her feet get cold. I know I still wear socks in bed throughout the day. Where I live the weather changes every day, so one day it might be cold in the house and the next is like a sauna.


6. Grooming Kit. 

I went ahead and threw in a grooming kit just in case baby has a nail issue or something like that. This isn’t really necessary for the bedside. You can find grooming kits anywhere. Walmart, Target, Baby stores, even online.


7. Creams, lotions, and medications/Vitamins.

I put my vitamins in there just so I can continue taking them after she gets here. I also added some baby lotion, and diaper cream. Aquaphor is the most raved product on the market for diaper rashes. (I mean even tattoo artists suggest this stuff for fresh tattoos.) I also added my nipple cream to the basket. All of these brand of products you can find at your Walmart SuperCenter.


8. Receiving Blankets.

I put 3 receiving blankets in the basket because well..they are used for EVERYTHING. Burp rags, swaddling, nursing cover, you name it! I put these in there for the multipurpose of them.


9. A Muslin Swaddle. 

I put this in there for extra warmth for the baby, also for a nursing cover. These muslin swaddles also have a multipurpose just like receiving blankets. muslins can be used for  carseat cover, nurising cover, swaddles, rags, anything and everything. You can get the same patterns here that I have, though there is more patterns out there!

Muslin Swaddles



10. Changing Pad. 

Having a changing pad on hand is  given when you are changing baby. I personally don’t want blow out on my bed so a pad is a good way to go when it comes to diaper changes. I just have this gray changing pad. I just took mine out from a diaper bag. They come with diaper bags typically. You can use whatever you want.


11. Nursing Pads! 

I don’t have these in my basket because I haven’t got around to ordering mine off of amazon. But these are a must have for breastfeeding momma’s. I am ordering washable nursing pads because I feel like it’s a better investment. All you do is wash and reuse. Since laundry is about to pick up it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to wash some nursing pads! Here’s a good deal on some reusable nursing pads:

Washable Nursing Pads

12. Snacks! 

I also have not added this in yet. But having a c-section = hard to get around to cook or do anything, so putting some cliff bars, fruit snacks, peanuts, maybe beef jerky, veggie straws, some fruit, and water bottles…anything to keep you snacking because when you breast feed you get hungry more often! I would put some lactation cookies in there too!


I just want to thank you for taking your time and reading this!! I really hope this helped you get some ideas on what to put in your bedside basket!! If you have any ideas comment down below or email me!


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