Ways To Get Organized In 2017

It’s that time of year again where we make resolutions and become a new person. So I want to motivate you to get organized in 2017! I am going to share some tips and habits to you to keep your home in tacked and maintain your newly organized space/new habits! When my home is tidy and organized, I feel productive, happier, and gives me the feel good vibes.


Daily to do list. I’m one of those people who really like using lists Because I tend to make it a goal to get everything checked off on that list before it bothers me. The lists should keep you motivated throughout the day. So if you have things to do within that day, write it all down on a sticky note or your planner. This tends to keep your mind set to do those things and reminds you to do them throughout the day. You can google to do lists and pick one you really like a print them out if you wanted to.

Buy a planner. I know this is super cliche and so over rated but I can not stress to you how amazing it is to have a planner system in place. You can easily make your own planner or just buy one at a store. In your planner you can write down doctors appointments and things that need to be done on a specific day. I use an app called Cozi so that way it assures that I don’t forget my planner because I always have it on my phone. I can set it to remind me or even the person I am sharing the app with to do something that day. It sends a reminder to their phone as well as mine, if I wanted.

Say bye to clutter. Most of a persons clutter is a delayed reaction to putting it where it goes, or are just plain lazy and want to make the least decisions as possible. So have a home for everything that is commonly cluttered. Have a simple filing or bin system. Have a file for each thing: need to file, action, and reference+tax , plus a trashcan for the junk mail. Have a bin for putting your shoes in where you kick off your shoes.

30 second rule and once touch rule. Touch the item as least as possible and save time. If I can put that item away in 30 seconds then why not just do it then. Having a bin or basket around for things you don’t have time to put away at that moment. Put away at the end of the day.

The one in one out rule. Before putting away something you bought that day, get rid of something similar. This goes for just about anything in your home. New clothing, new bed sheets, new kitchen wear, etc. I personally only use this for the areas that need it, like my wardrobe. But this rule helps decrease the amount of clutter.  It also makes you stop and think while you are at the store before you even buy it. Say you see a cute blouse, ask yourself what you are willing to part with that you have already?

Keep what you really need. Take the things you are holding on to and ask yourself if you just want that  or do you need that? You most likely just want it but don’t really need it. Go through everything in your home and have donation box set aside. Donate everything you pulled out that you don’t use anymore or do not need. Always keep a donation box or bag in your home to put things you find through out the day in there to donate.

Act as if you are showing off your home to sell. The items you use and need access to on a daily basis should be easy to get to, preferable a one step organization system that is not cluttered. You don’t want you shove things in bins filling them completely full, it’ll just  become choas all over again. So allow that organized space you need to get to every day to be least cluttered and free flowing. Keep everything in uniform order as if your about to take pictures to “sell” your home is an easy way to keep it clean and organized. It’s really good to have areas  (like a play room, or the kitchen) in uniform order or organized because it’s appealing to the eye.

Tidiness is not organized. Being tidy is different than being organized. A tidy space is cleaned up and put away. Many people think tidying up is organized. Organization is a system.  Find a system that works for you. An organized space is a space that has a system in place that allows you to FIND, EXCHANGE, AND EVALUATE quickly and easily. I call this FEE.
Find: To be able to locate something very quickly.
Exchange: To be able to get one thing and put the other one back.
Evaluate: To be able to look and see what you have with out an issue.

Manage your time. Many people do not have much time to do anything when it comes to keeping their home organized. Whether it is because you have a full time job or your managing little ones, all you have to do is just take 15 minutes a day dedicated to  organizing and cleaning up every day and you will being to see a difference in your home.

Simple systems and keeping up on it is the best way to go while trying to stay organized. Use this tips and rules to help you get through the new year and really make a change in your home this year. I hope this helped you!


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